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Canfield Ultimate 63/37 Solder Coil


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63 percent tin, 37 percent lead 3mm solder wire. Melting point of 182 degrees C.

A premium solder designed with the artist in mind. Made by a special process, ULTIMATE combines tin, lead, and two other metals to produce the perfect solder. It goes from solid to liquid and back to solid instantly with no pasty range, creating a solid, even seam. Work faster than ever while running the smoothest beaded seam. It does the job with one pass of the iron. Melts at 182 degrees C. For best results use a rheostat to control soldering iron. Canfield’s Ultimate Lead Solder (63/37) sets up quickly making it ideal for decorative soldering.

Because of it’s instant freeze, this is primarily for decorative soldering.

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