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Glasspro Putty – Small


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236 mls / 550g

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Glasspro Putty is a new outstanding fast-setting black coloured stained glass cement designed for strengthening and waterproofing leaded glass panels. Cleans up easily with whiting. Ready-to-use oil-based elastic compound, easily applied, adheres to came and glass. Remains permanently elastic. Covers approximately  .18 – .37 square meters.

  • Remove a handful from the tub and roll it around in your hands to warm it up and make it pliable.
  • Using your thumb force the putty in to fill the channel between the glass and the came.
  • Trim excess with a pointed dowel or fid. Wad up the extra stained glass putty and return to container.
  • Sprinkle the panel with whiting
  • Scrub with a natural bristle brush to complete cleaning the excess putty and to burnish came to a smooth, darkened finish
  • Let set overnight then flip and do the other side.
  • Seal container with a piece of plastic wrap pressed over the top surface of the putty will keep it soft for the next time.
  • Low Odour – Unlike cements, Glass Pro Stained Glass Putty does not have an overpowering chemical smell.
  • Easy to work with – No messy mixing, no sloppy slurry, no ruined clothes. Soft putty is easy on the hands, firms up quickly and does not run through the back of the panel
  • Use with lead, zinc, brass or copper cames.
  • NOTE this is not a general glazing putty.

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Weight 550 g


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