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Villa Leadlights will gladly undertake commission work to suit your taste and budget, whether you need a custom sized window, cabinet panel, lampshade or something as simple as a jewellery box.

From traditional to contemporary, I can create something of beauty that will add light, life and colour to your home or workplace.

You are welcome to visit my studio to discuss your ideas or browse through some of my designs for inspiration. I can help advise you and give an estimate on cost. Once all the details of the design are finalized, including glass selection, I can then give a firm quote and time frame to complete your project..

Commissioning a window.

For any commissioned work a portion of the cost is for design as well as materials & construction, and therefore most work will attract a design fee. The fee is determined by the time involved and complexity of the piece and is payable prior to the design work being done. This fee will be applied to the overall cost of the window.  Should you decide not to proceed with construction, the design fee is non refundable.  A computer generated design is done, to which coloured glass images can be added. This produces a fairly accurate rendering of the completed project, although it can in no way reproduce the true colour or beauty of the glass.

At this stage any modifications can be made and submitted for final approval by the client. This can often be done by email.  Once the design is approved a 50% deposit is required and any changes made after this may incur extra costs.

A few things to consider

The first step is to decide on a design concept. Do you want a representational design depicting something like flowers, animals, scenery, or any particular style such as Victorian,  art nouveau, art deco, or abstract.

Will the window be fitted into an existing frame (exact rebate measurements will be required) or hung in front of an existing window sash with hooks – this allows you to take the piece with you should you move house.

How much privacy do you require, complete, partial or none at all.

Perhaps you want to frame a view from the garden or block out an unsightly view.

Is the window exposed to full sun or southerlies.

How much daylight do you want to allow. Some glasses reduce the amount of light considerably, but bear in mind the amount of light versus privacy are independent of one another. A clear heavily textured glass will provide complete privacy while still allowing maximum light.

Do you want to match a particular architectural style, interior design feature, colour scheme, or any existing leadlights.

Please contact me to discuss your requirements.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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